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What is Flexible Packaging? Exploring the Technology and … – Talk Business yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Flexible wrappers come as highly customizable and economical means to pack products, avoiding rigid containers. Although the technology appeared relatively recently, it has already managed to gain incredible popularity in the packaging market. Nowadays, about 2/3 of all covers produced for product packing belong to this class of wrappers. 90% of produced packages are used to wrap beverages and food. 39% of the global packaging market is occupied by flexible covers.
Flexible Packaging  What is Flexible Packaging? Exploring the Technology and … – Talk Business yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7
The success of flexible wrappers is due to their high functionality and convenience. Such covers feature high preservation of product freshness and the needed climate inside packages, ease of transportation, carrying, and opening, etc. Thus, they came to replace bulky rigid containers.
Now, you know what makes flexible plastic packaging popular. Before we go deeper into the industry and outline its peculiarities, let us first answer the question: what is flexible plastic packaging? Flexible packaging is a modern packaging solution that utilizes pliable materials, such as plastic and film, to create a wide range of pliable product containers. Flexible plastic packaging offers a cost-effective and adaptable packaging option for a wide range of products, especially food and beverages.
More and more manufacturers have shifted to using flexible wrappers for packing their products. Thus, the class of covers enters more and more industries. Nowadays, such wrappers are in high demand in the following domains:
Due to a vast range of options, it is possible to pick suitable solutions for any type of product. Flexible packaging can be used for chemicals, food, and non-edible products. Suitable wrappers are chosen, taking into account the physical properties and vulnerabilities of the packed product. In this case, such covers ensure durable and safe storage without loss of physical strength.
To have a clear outlook on the topic, it is important to answer the question “What is flexible packaging industry”. The flexible packaging industry is a modern and innovative sector that produces a variety of pliable product containers using non-rigid materials, such as plastic and foil.
Flexible packaging offers many advantages over traditional rigid packaging, such as cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, product protection, consumer convenience, and design flexibility. The flexible packaging industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the global packaging market and has a significant impact on various industries, especially food and beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical. The list of components for wrappers is an essential part of the technological process. Below, you’ll see what materials are commonly used in flexible packaging manufacturing.
Frequently, combinations of several materials are used. Answering the question “How is flexible packaging made”, keep in mind the specifics of each type. Depending on the cover kind, different technologies and processing methods are applicable.
Considering the issue of flexible packaging technology, it is necessary to understand what types of containers are manufactured. The following kinds of wrappers can be produced:
Finally, let’s briefly outline the benefits of packing products using flexible covers:
So, here, you’ve not only found out the answer to the question “What is flexible packaging material” but also got a comprehensible outlook of the industry. You’ll be ready to find a suitable packaging option for your product and satisfy customers with its quality.
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