Tanger Outlets Antioch offers cash reward to catch shoplifting suspects – News Channel 5 Nashville

Tanger Outlets Antioch offers cash reward to catch shoplifting suspects – News Channel 5 Nashville yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Theft at retail stores continues to be an issue. Just last month, NewsChannel 5 told you about arrest warrants issued for 7 people accused of separate shoplifting incidents at the Green Hills Mall.
In those cases, two of the suspects have been arrested. 5 others remain on the run. Now, the newly-opened Tanger Outlets in Antioch has become a target the brazen theft was even caught on video.
Councilwoman Joy Styles says Tanger and the authorities aren’t going to take a back seat and let the recent theft slide.
“People need to be aware footage has been taken and license plates have been captured. People have called in tips. Your time for this foolery is coming to an end, and it ends with you getting arrested,” District 32 Councilwoman Joy Styles said.
The theft she’s referring to was caught on video and posted on social media a few days ago. It shows 2 people with face masks running out of a store at the Tanger Outlets in Antioch with handfuls of unpaid merchandise.
“It really frustrates me to know that something as small as this will continue to promote the fact that Antioch is an unsafe place,” Community member LeLann Evans said.
Tanger is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the two persons, a man, and a woman. Police say on Sunday afternoon they stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Michael Kors store at the Tanger Outlets in Antioch. Crime Stoppers is offering an additional reward of up to $1,000.
Surveillance footage shows the male wearing a blue denim jacket with the New York Yankees logo in several areas, a white beanie hat, blue jeans, and a surgical mask. The female wore a black Victoria’s Secret sweatsuit/hoodie with the word PINK in white lettering on the back of the sweat top. She also wore a surgical mask.
Police say they were in the crowded store for five minutes before grabbing multiple purses from a wall display and a number of jackets from a rack near the door.
An employee attempted to prevent them from exiting, but they were pushed by her and fled into the parking lot. It appears they left in a black sedan, perhaps a Nissan Altima.
Police say the two shoplifters will face, at minimum, charges of felony theft when they are arrested.
LeLann Evans was born and raised in the Antioch community. He says the area is starting to feel like it once was; when Hickory Hollow Mall was still in operation.
“Once the mall started going down, food restaurants started leaving. We didn’t see a lot of people wanting to invest in the community out here. Tanger is an opportunity for Antioch to again be a part of Nashville’s booming economy and people living in the area to find jobs without having to go downtown to work,” Evans said.
These incidents of theft aren’t isolated to Antioch. It’s happening all over, Green Hills is still dealing with the growing issue.
“When it happened in Green Hills the people in Green Hills won’t be influenced to go rob Green Hills Mall. When you live in Antioch and know our community has struggled for a while since the mall has closed is this going to influence people who did live here in Antioch to feel brave enough to try a situation like this, that’s what we don’t want to happen,” Evans explained.
Councilwoman Styles says there’s too much good happening to dwell on the negative and says Antioch will continue to blossom.
“If you want to be dumb enough to come to Tanger and keep doing this, understand when you get caught. You will be an example of why you shouldn’t come to Tanger to do your foolishness,” Councilwomen Styles said.
Anyone recognizing the two thieves from the Michael Kors case is asked to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463. Here’s surveillance footage of the crime being committed.


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