Sustainable Futures: Can marketing lead the way to sustainable … – Kantar UK Insights

Sustainable Futures: Can marketing lead the way to sustainable … – Kantar UK Insights yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

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Can marketing solve the growth versus sustainability tension? This episode features two distinguished marketing experts, Rupen Desai, former Global Chief Marketing Officer at Dole Sunshine Company and Marc de Swaan Arons, founder of the Institute for Real Growth, to help us answer this question.
Rupen Desai, renowned for his passion in building brands that align with conscience, draws upon his rich experience as the former Global CMO of Dole and Co-founder of The Shed 28 to provide valuable perspectives. Marc de Swaan Arons, specializes in driving humanized growth for companies. Together, they engage in a thought-provoking discussion, exploring the challenges and opportunities in reconciling growth and sustainability.
During this captivating conversation, Rupen emphasizes the need to redefine our current systems of growth and challenge. He sheds light on the negative impacts of degenerative growth and calls for a shift in mindset and measurement. Marc complements this viewpoint by highlighting the significance of sustainable growth, encompassing a broader spectrum beyond mere environmental impact. Join this enlightening webinar as it unravels the crucial role marketing can play in shaping a sustainable future. Discover the strategies, language, and mindset shifts required to foster growth that not only drives profitability but also aligns with our collective goals for a more sustainable and inclusive world.
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Sustainable Futures is the sustainability podcast from Kantar. In each of our episodes, we speak with senior experts from a wide variety of disciplines to bring broad understanding to complex topic areas and shine a light on the most pressing sustainability issues facing business and marketing. All designed to help marketers create sustainable futures for your brands and business.
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