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Jomoo's milestone certification benchmark for Chinese … – China Daily yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

A smart factory of Chinese kitchen and bathroom products brand Jomoo was certificated as the world’s first “eco-friendly dark factory” on Friday.
The facility is located in Nan’an, Fujian province. The certification represents significant progress in the upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry in China and is a marker for the environmental protection progress made by the company, business insiders said.
In the manufacturing industry, the “lighthouse factory” has become the criterion for evaluating the performance of the intelligent manufacturing of enterprises. It is a title based on standards and rules set by foreign companies. In the past, due to the late start and lack of the required technology, China’s manufacturing industry seldom had the opportunity to participate in the formulation of such international standards, nor did it have its own standard system.
However, after decades of development through reform and opening-up, Chinese companies, represented by Jomoo, have made significant progress in technological manufacturing, intelligent innovation, 5G technology, and green and low-carbon development.
Based on this, the China Energy Conservation Association released for the first time the assessment of the eco-friendly dark factory based on the situation in China. After rigorous inspections by the association and CTI Certification, as well as in-depth investigations by a group of global experts, the Jomoo factory was selected to be the world’s first certified “eco-friendly dark factory”.
Currently, green and intelligent development has become an imperative global trend, and green manufacturing has become a key method to deal with national resource and environmental issues. It is an effective way to achieve industrial transformation and long-term development, as well as an inevitable choice for enterprises to actively shoulder their social responsibilities.
To this end, Jomoo used resources from around the world and launched continuous transformation, upgrading and iterative optimization to improve the quality and smartness of its manufacturing to better protect the environment.
It is reported that the factory can produce 4 million sets of toilets per year, with a 25-percent improvement in quality and a 35-percent increase in production efficiency. Moreover, the factory saves around 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, and has reduced its annual emissions by over 18,000 metric tons, and it saves water equivalent to the amount in the West Lake in Hangzhou over a year, making it a benchmark for global green intelligent factories.
Industry insiders said that being selected as the first certified “eco-friendly dark factory” is another milestone for Jomoo, on its digital and green transformation journey. It demonstrates its role as a leading benchmark for traditional manufacturing enterprises in digitalization, intelligence and high-end transformation. The title also represents a new stage of digital development for China’s manufacturing industry.
In the future, Jomoo said it will continue to promote the strategy of technological and green development, facilitating the country to achieve its dual-carbon goals.
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