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Ruth (standing, right) with participants of plastic reduction project at Tuaran wet market.
TUARAN (Nov 1): Zero Waste Sabah, with support from Yayasan Hasanah and Malaysia Finance Ministry, has successfully launched a transformative plastic reduction project at Tuaran wet market.
This project marks a significant step towards a circular model and reducing plastic waste in the district.
The project, which commenced on March 1, 2023, involved comprehensive training for 110 market vendors on the Zero Waste Lifestyle, Responsible Production & Consumption and Sustainable Cities & Communities.
Zero Waste Sabah’s commitment to environmental stewardship extended further as they facilitated collaboration and discussion between the Tuaran District Council, CT Payung (Tuaran Fish Market managing company), and the participating market vendors on September 25.
Together, they have agreed to the proposed refundable deposit bag/pail system by Zero Waste Sabah which is aimed at phasing out single-use plastics in the market.
This visionary approach encourages shoppers to embrace a more sustainable way of shopping.
Under the new system, customers are encouraged to bring their reusable bags for their grocery shopping and a pail for seafood purchases. If shoppers forget to bring their own, they can conveniently rent a pail for RM5 and a bag for RM2.
Ruth Yap, the project manager who is also founder and chairperson of Zero Waste Sabah stated that “it is time to put policies in place to lead our people to change their consumption habits from the “disposable culture” to the “reusable culture”.
“Many experts in the sustainable waste management field have concluded that we can’t recycle our way out of this plastic pollution.
“As for incineration, it is costly and fights for the same materials as recycling centres. “So the way forward is to redesign products and system operations that will generate minimal waste at the end of their product life cycle and processes. We have to start thinking about stopping waste at the source,” she said.
One of the remarkable features of this project is the refundable pail deposit, which underscores the commitment to environmental responsibility.
Customers who opt to use the rented pail can return it after use and receive RM4 refund of their deposit.
RM1 goes into managing the pails and stock replenishment by CT Payung.
District Officer Hadzlan Jablee stated, “This is a good move for the environment. Plastic is a useful material, but it is also a problematic one when it ends up in our environment as marine litter because some plastics could take up to 500 years to decompose in the ocean.”
The Tuaran District Council is also taking proactive steps to support this initiative by working towards formulating a policy to restrict the distribution of plastic bags by vendors on certain days in the market.
Zero Waste Sabah is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability, reducing waste and preserving the environment in Sabah.
WIth a vision for a waste-free future, the organization works collaboratively with communities, businesses and government bodies to implement practical solutions and inspire positive change.


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