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GearBerry's Black Friday Extravaganza: Save on DIY tools, Laser … – gizmochina yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Gearberry’s Early Black Friday promotion, running from November 14th to November 30th, brings a plethora of enticing offers for savvy shoppers. 
GearBerry is the ultimate destination for do-it-yourself enthusiasts seeking high-quality industrial equipment, power tools, safety supplies, and more at competitive prices. With a strong emphasis on electric tools, 3D printers, and laser engravers, GearBerry is driven by a genuine passion for DIY projects and top-notch power tools.
Embark on a winning spree with Gearberry’s Wheel of Fortune Drawing, offering a 100% winning chance. Participants not only secure free gifts but also stand to save an impressive sum, with potential savings reaching up to $1,099.
Indulge in the thrill of the moment with Gearberry’s 50% OFF Flash Sale. This limited-time offer provides an exclusive opportunity to acquire coveted items at half their regular price, making it an ideal occasion for cost-effective shopping.
Gearberry’s 11.11 Super Sale is a bonanza of discounts, featuring a maximum of 70% off on selected items. To amplify savings, customers can apply special coupons: GBDBL1 ($10 off $100), GBDBL2 ($30 off $300), and GBDBL3 ($50 off $500), securing additional discounts and making the Super Sale even more irresistible.
Revamp your style without breaking the bank through Gearberry’s Buy More, Save More offer. Purchase a single accessory and enjoy a 10% discount; add a second accessory to your cart, and watch the discount soar to 20%. This flexible arrangement empowers customers to curate their style while keeping budgets in check.
Invest in sustainable transportation with Gearberry’s Fafrees E-bike and enjoy added perks. Every Fafrees E-bike purchase comes with a complimentary chain lock and e-bike bag, enhancing the convenience and security of your eco-friendly commuting solution.
For a limited time, GearBerry offers substantial discounts on DIY gadgets with free shipping from local warehouses and a 7-day refund and 30-day exchange policy. Maximize your savings and efficiency with GearBerry, your go-to source for all your DIY needs. So let’s explore some intriguing offers from GearBerry.
The AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver redefines laser engraving with cutting-edge features for both professionals and hobbyists. Its Smart Screen Control system offers instant image engraving and air pump control through an interactive LCD screen with RGB lighting for status updates, eliminating the need for constant connectivity.
Offline Batch Cutting is supported, allowing efficient batch cutting without continuous online connections. The AlgoLaser Smart APP enables smartphone control for easy design uploads and machine control.
Powered by a robust 22W laser module with COS technology, the machine enhances laser beam performance by 40%, producing a square laser spot with incredible precision. It offers 500+ shades of color through the oxidation of stainless steel material while engraving.
The AlgoLaser Delta excels in cutting ability, effortlessly handling various materials like 30mm Pinewood in one pass and 45mm Black Acrylic, 20mm Basswood Plywood, 12mm MDF, and 20mm White Oak.
Equipped with a Smart Laser Module, the machine features lens cleaning reminders, flame detection, protection, and air pressure monitoring. It boasts engraving speeds of up to 500mm/s, 12 times faster than industry standards, and a more powerful motherboard with self-developed firmware, elevating file uploading speed.
Safety is a priority with 10 features, including lens cleaning reminders, flame detection, air pressure monitoring, machine offset and tilt detection, USB connection detection, beam detection, and an emergency stop switch with a key lock.
Design enhancements include a magnetic and detachable laser metal cover, a laser protective lens integrated within the air assist nozzle, semi-automatic focus, new nylon rollers, a dual-side fixture structure, an emergency switch with lighting, and an enclosed frame design.
AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver revolutionizes laser engraving with advanced features, impressive precision, and a commitment to user safety, empowering creators with unprecedented ease and efficiency in bringing visions to life.
The AlgoLaser DIY KIT 5W offers an impressive engraving speed of 12,000 mm per minute, ensuring flawless execution of intricate designs on various surfaces. Ideal for artists and craftsmen, it guarantees unparalleled precision for engraving delicate jewelry or intricate wooden sculptures.
Equipped with a dual-core CPU, the engraver boasts a 32% increase in processing speed and a 50% boost in energy efficiency. The upgraded motherboard with 8MB RAM and 8MB storage memory ensures rapid data processing, allowing users to focus on creativity without technical hindrances.
Supporting up to 20W of power, the AlgoLaser DIY KIT 5W provides vast creative opportunities. Smart Center and AUC compatibility enables the exploration of various accessories from different brands, allowing users to experiment with diverse materials and engraving techniques.
With seven layers of advanced safety features, including a safety lock, gyroscope detection, active light detection, USB disconnect switch, voltage and current safety control system, emergency stop switch, and temperature monitoring, the engraver ensures a worry-free creative process.
Tailored for both beginners and seasoned craftsmen, the DIY kit integrates user-friendly features with affordability. Supporting WiFi, USB-C, and a built-in TF card for offline operations, it enhances flexibility. The upgradability and expandability offer the freedom to customize the frame and connect additional accessories, empowering users to bring their visions to life.
AlgoLaser DIY KIT 5W Diode Laser Engraver transcends conventional craftsmanship with its unparalleled precision, powerhouse performance, limitless compatibility, advanced safety features, and thoughtful design. It is not just a device but a creative companion that empowers users to explore and enhance their artistic projects.
With an engraving speed of 10,000mm/min powered by the embedded ESP32-DOWD-V3 chip and a 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, this laser engraver achieves unparalleled precision. The 96W machine, equipped with a 10W laser head, effortlessly cuts 8mm pine board at a time. Compressed light spot technology ensures a spot size of 0.08mm, and a new Y-axis motion structure design minimizes vibration, providing exceptionally smooth engraving lines.
Safety is a top priority with features like a flame prompt alarm for timely hazard detection, active shutdown preventing accidental light emission through gyroscope technology, an emergency stop switch for quick power cutoff, and wire harness safety management ensuring organized and secure cable storage.
The large engraving area of 450*450mm, the largest for a 10W engraving machine, facilitates the creation of large-sized home decoration works. Air-assisted accessories reduce smoke particle adhesion, and external rotation modules enable engraving on curved surfaces. It supports a variety of working materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, stainless steel, and more.
Compatible with powerful software like Lightburn and GRBL, this laser engraver supports three computer systems and various file formats. Mobile phone operation via the MKSlaser app on both Android and IOS allows for remote control and data transfer via WiFi. The machine also supports English and Chinese languages for user convenience.
The auto-focus function ensures precise laser focus adjustments without manual measurements, enhancing engraving effects. The 60% pre-assembled parts and silk-screened scale markings facilitate easy installation and measurement, respectively.
Rigorously tested for quality assurance, the Twotrees TS2-10W Laser Engraver holds certifications including US FDA, EMC, FCC, LVD, MD, and ROHS. Positive feedback from loyal users underscores its durability and stability, making it a reliable choice for creative endeavors.
Twotrees TS2-10W Laser Engraver is not just a tool; it’s a versatile and secure companion for artists and creators seeking a seamless blend of precision and functionality in their projects.


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