Eco and amazing! Get the lowdown on green winter getaways – Evening Standard

Eco and amazing! Get the lowdown on green winter getaways – Evening Standard yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

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Where to go and why some spots are better: the third instalment of our six-part Sustainable Travel podcast series explores what makes some countries and regions a better choice if you’re striving to be an eco-friendly adventurer.
Countries such as Costa Rica that already support large-scale conservation projects, or those like the Scandinavian countries, which are powered by renewable energy, are top of the list.
But, according to co-host and sustainable travel expert Juliet Kinsman, you might be surprised by which factors make some places greener — including which time of the year you decide to visit (hint: aim for the off-season).
For travellers planning a more sustainable winter getaway, Juliet has some advice there, too, so tune in to discover her picks.
In part two of this episode, hosts Juliet and Jon Weeks are joined by Randy Durband, CEO at the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and one of our contributing experts on how to be a climate-friendly traveller.
A GSTC rating is one of the best ways for travellers to identify a hotel or destination that is well advanced in its sustainability journey and Randy has much to share on the state of tourism today, including how some of the biggest levers being pulled are actually in mainstream travel, by countries such as Singapore and Turkey. Our guest also reveals why sustainability and satisfaction are increasingly connected for holidaymakers.
In next week’s episode, the Sustainable Travel Standard checks in for a peek behind the scenes of what makes a hotel more sustainable, and we’ll be speaking to a science-led sustainability director about how hotels can support coastal health through tourism.
The latest edition of our easy-listening, easy-to-follow celebration of all aspects of sustainable travel can be found on Apple, Spotify or wherever you usually stream your podcasts.
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