Are you an impulsive shopper? Heres why you should stop that and follow these tips to live a clean, green and – Free Press Journal

Are you an impulsive shopper? Heres why you should stop that and follow these tips to live a clean, green and – Free Press Journal yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The recent pandemic and the prevalence of various lifestyle diseases has put the spotlight on the need to eat and live healthy. Plant-based clean nutrition, organic food that helps in being healthy and daily use products that help us in keeping the environment green are witnessing increasing adoption. In fact, a vast number of Indians are either already living a clean, green life or will aim to do so in 2023. Abhijit Bhattacharya, Founder and CBO, OneGreen shares seven tips that will help you achieve clean-living objectives with greater ease, and also help you discover more green lifestyle habits.
Organic food:
Over the years, the massive rise in consumption has led to usage of a lot of chemicals or artificial ingredients in food items. GMO crops, pesticides, chemical-based fertilisers and artificial flavours and colours are very commonly used in typical food product that we consume on a daily basis. This makes it imperative to opt for organic and clean food products which will not only impact our health positively but also the environment at large.
Minimalism or cutting down impulsive shopping:
Practice minimalism this year by following the concept of the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). A lot of waste comes from shopping big and for things that we may actually not need. Reduce buying unwanted items, reuse what you have and can, and recycle things around the house into better stuff. One of the best ways to do this is to plan ahead of a month. This way you will be able to see what you already have and what it is that you can avoid buying in extra quantity.
Go beyond green food:
The need of the hour is not only to consume clean label and green food, but also adopt a holistic clean lifestyle. Reducing consumption of plastics by using recycled metal or glass bottles, using jute and recycled cloth packaging, cloth carry bags and a wide range of fashion, home décor, beauty and personal care products is now possible. Consumers purchasing from ecommerce marketplaces selling verified green, clean and organic products can make such a switch to healthy and clean living seamlessly.
Go for verified green:
The harsh reality is that many brands partially or completely mislead the consumers about the ingredients through complex terminology on labels which most people don’t understand or pay attention to. That’s where it becomes essential to make green purchases only from platforms that have adequate mechanisms and well-defined processes to verify the green claims of the manufacturers.
Grow your own food:
Many people have already started following the concept of a kitchen or terrace garden in their homes. Start by growing the simpler veggies and gradually move on to other things. Growing your own plants helps you understand the process and makes you feel connected with nature at the same time.
Go back to roots:
All those things that your mothers and grandmothers taught us about going back to our roots is never in vain. From eating habits to the kind of lifestyle you lead, start bringing in small but consistent changes such as replacing sugar with jaggery, consuming ghee in proportionate amounts, switching to native Indian grains and other super foods. This will ensure that your health stays in top shape and that your immunity is not compromised.
Clean mobility:
A lot of harm to the environment is caused by the way we move around. People are increasingly using fossil fuel vehicles even for short distances that one can easily cover on foot. This over-reliance on fossil fuel vehicles should be avoided. If the distance is not great, and one is not carrying heavy luggage then walking or cycling is a great option. It would not only give the body much needed activity, but also reduce unnecessary use of vehicles. Even for the regular commute, it is wiser to switch to electric vehicles and make a positive impact on the environment.
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