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Amazing health benefits of green tea – DNA India yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Oct 27, 2023, 04:18 PM IST
Green tea can help with weight loss and blood sugar regulation, among other health advantages. Numerous health benefits of the nutritious beverage have been demonstrated. 
Drinking the generally accessible beverages is recommended for several excellent reasons. The following is a list of the health advantages of green tea. 
1. Daily use of green tea was associated in research with a decreased risk of abdominal obesity; however, this impact was only statistically significant in women.
2. According to the study, green tea does not appear to have a long-term effect on insulin or blood sugar levels, although it may help lower blood sugar temporarily when fasting.
3. Green tea consumption is also associated with a decreased risk of cardiac issues. According to studies, there's still not enough reliable, long-term data from human clinical trials to demonstrate cause and effect.
According to a study, utilising green tea extract or drinking green tea may improve dental health.
According to a study, green tea consumption was associated with lowered levels of certain Alzheimer's disease indicators in individuals who did not currently have any recognised cognitive problems.
Research has connected drinking green tea with a lower risk of getting specific cancers, such lung or ovarian cancer, despite the data being conflicting and incomplete.
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