A look at how Chinese trains are boosting eco-friendly travel in … – CGTN

A look at how Chinese trains are boosting eco-friendly travel in … – CGTN yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

A lithium battery-powered train built by CRRC zips past commuters on a metro station platform in Buenos Aires. /CGTN
China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment and manufactures vehicles for urban and mainline railway systems in countries like Argentina.
In Buenos Aires, some 30 metro cars from the company have been running on the city’s metro Line A for about a decade, offering convenience to locals.
Yang Liheng, vice president of CRRC Latin America Corp, said the vehicle contract for the line was signed in 2009 and that the operation is very stable due to smooth cooperation. 
Passengers getting on and off the electrical multiple units (EMUs) manufactured by CRRC for the Mitre line in Buenos Aires. /CGTN
Yang says he’s proud these metro cars have been serving the city’s residents in their daily transportation. He took CGTN to one of the city’s biggest railway stations with a very long history called Retiro.
“For the line of Mitre, CRRC has provided more than 700 cars. We call it EMU. It’s only in this line. It’s starting with 2013, which is more than 10 years,” he said.
Local passengers said the cars also have user-friendly designs and modern facilities.
“The new cars are improving the accessibility and the relationship with passengers who ride bikes and not the casual rider who sits and keeps quiet. And I think it is very nice,” a young man said.
An EMU manufactured by CRRC in operation in Buenos Aires. /CGTN
Argentina is extending its railway network to remote areas to balance infrastructure construction and environmental protection.
A 42-kilometer-long railway line is being constructed in Jujuy Province in the most northwestern part of Argentina. Lithium battery-powered trains built by China will be running along this line in time for the peak tourist season from November 2023 to February 2024.
On this line, passengers will be able to travel up to 70 kilometers per hour to get to tourist attractions, like World Heritage Humahuaca Scenic Area, in an environmentally-friendly way.
Pablo Civetta, president of EARPU of Jujuy Province, said the idea of using pure battery-powered trains on the line was only accepted by CRRC, who quickly formulated a plan.
“They participated and pushed forward the project and made us surprised. They also made hard efforts to deliver a type of train that’s really advanced in the world,” he said.
The light-rail project was signed in May 2022, and in October of the same year, the train’s design was completed, and manufacturing began. For the first time, the trains will be powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are known for their long lifespan and safety. 
CRRC begins shipping its lithium battery-powered trains from China to Argentina’s Jujuy Province, September 20, 2023. /CRRC
Jujuy Province is rich in lithium, and Chinese companies have helped construct a solar power station in the region.
The railway line and new energy trains symbolize a green and low-carbon-driven strategy for economic development.
“What CRRC does goes far beyond our expectations. The trains for this project are really important for us. My team and I also went several times to China for their manufacturing. And the trains after assembly are impressive,” said Civetta.
The first new energy trains were shipped from China in September this year. Testing will begin once they arrive in Jujuy.
Emiliano Rodriguez in the Jujuy Province Urban Planning Bureau said they just bought two trains, and they plan to buy at least five more.
“We are just in the beginning. We have to make this training work that we hope we have working on at the end of this year,” he said.
The local builders say they believe this project will enhance the quality of life in the region. They say they value their friendship with Chinese companies like CRRC in sharing knowledge, technologies and aspirations for a better life.
“If I may say so, we have also built friendships through this project for Jujuy Province, Argentina and China. At the same time, we are also looking to the future and pushing forward new projects, which I think CRRC will be very interested in. I believe there will be more opportunities for cooperation between CRRC and Jujuy Province in the future,” he said.
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