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10 Best Travel Backpacks You Should Consider This Fall – TheTravel yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Whether hiking through national parks or enjoying a downtown tour, here are 10 of the best travel backpacks for any occasion.
When it comes to planning the perfect vacation, packing the right must-have accessories is key. One of the most important inclusions for any vacation is the right backpack. Whether planning an outdoor excursion along one of the best hikes in the US or booking one of the many ghost tours through New Orleans, the right backpack can make or break the experience.
With so many different kinds of experiences to enjoy, the right backpack might look different for each traveler. From simple, comfortable day backpacks for long downtown exploration to waterproof hiking packs for overnight outings, these 10 backpacks promise to satisfy every kind of traveler.
There is no single backpack that is perfect for every traveler. The backpacks below represent a variety of potential travel needs and have been selected based on their high user reviews and helpful travel-oriented designs. Pictures are of similar backpack styles and potential uses and are not of the actual item mentioned.
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For many travelers, a backpack that can do a little bit of everything is ideal for most vacation plans. With a balanced combination of pockets and open space, the Travel/Camping/Laptop Backpack by Just Green Tech is perfect for those leaving their hotel for the day.
On the exterior, padded straps make it easy to keep this backpack close on the bus or while enjoying one of London’s numerous walking tours. The waterproof nylon material also keeps important items safe on days when the weather is feeling less than cooperative.
Inside, a 4.5 gallon capacity leaves plenty of room for a camera, laptop, and other personal devices, while still leaving room to pick up a few souvenirs along the way.
One of the major downsides to the most spacious backpacks is that they themselves can be excessively bulky. For those not interested in lugging a big pack around before they even reach their destination, the Monet Liberty Sparkliest Backpack can be stuffed away when not in use.
When this colorful pack is in use, its large capacity main section features a drawstring closure to keep large and small items in place. On top, a smaller pocket zips closed to keep essentials easy to find.
Sport backpacks, like the Nike ACG Aysén, are often the most versatile options for vacationers. Particularly for those planning to explore the scenic hiking trails of Acadia National Park or wander through the scenery on a stop of their beautiful US Fall foliage road trip, a sleek, sporty backpack is often the way to go.
One more reason travelers love the Nike ACG Aysén? The backpack has been made from sustainable materials, namely recycled plastic bottles that have been re-purposed into polyester. Park of Nike’s Move to Zero initiative, this backpack is ideal for those looking to be eco-minded when traveling.
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One of the greatest benefits of travel backpacks is the wide variety of purposes they can serve. For those more interested in carrying their lunch than their work with them, the Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack may be the perfect fit. Designed to look like a standard day pack, this unique backpack unzips to reveal an insulated main section that will keep food and drinks cool for several hours while travelers scope out the perfect picnic spot.
This backpack also features a top mesh section that clips closed, as well as a bottle pocket on the side and a phone pocket on the strap. These numerous storage areas ensure that this backpack is multi-functional for a full day of adventure.
For those looking for easy ways to be eco-friendly while on vacation, a positive first step can be shopping for sustainably-made travel accessories. Threads for Thought focuses on reducing its environmental impact with every item, and their Rolltop Backpack is no exception.
Ethically manufactured with high-quality sustainable materials that are free of pesticides, the Rolltop Backpack is as eco-friendly as it is functional. The high-capacity main section also includes a separate pocket for laptops to keep everything easy to reach and well-protected.
For outings where a full-sized backpack may be a little much, the Folding Waterproof Camping Travel Backpack is the perfect small-sized alternative. This waterproof backpack emphasizes convenience and lightweight design for travelers who may be hopping between a number of stops in a single day, or those who simply prefer a minimalist travel style.
Despite its small size, this half-pound travel backpack manages a nearly 3.5-gallon carrying capacity, perfect for essentials and small electronics. The pack is also made from ventilated, breathable material, so even the most delicate items will be well cared for throughout the day.
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Minimalist packing and traveling may be trendy, but sometimes, bigger is better. With a 7-gallon carrying capacity, the Nike Hike has room for everything travelers could possibly need for a day out and about, while also leaving room for a few extras.
In addition to the over-sized main compartment, the Nike Hike features several small zipper sections for smaller hiking gear and essentials. There is also a convenient water bottle side pocket for hikers planning to use this backpack for a full day on the trail.
From rainforests to deserts, many of the best travel destinations in the world are ideal for budding photographers. Whether exploring one of the best locations in the world for wildlife photography or trying to get the perfect waterfall shot, professional and amateur photographers alike need a way to get their gear to the perfect spot.
For those looking to carry their gear without advertising the expensive equipment on their back, the Backpack Bag by Just Green Tech offers a simple backpack design with a unique interior setup. Instead of the traditional open section, the main compartment of this backpack is full of shaped pockets with elastic straps designed to hold high-end cameras and their lenses. The pack also includes a sleeve for a laptop and several small pockets for odds and ends.
On the outside of the Backpack Bag, waterproof fabric protects the valuable equipment inside, and bottom straps make it possible to take even the tripod along for the ride.
There are a number of destinations around the world where backpacking is the best way to get around. Such an approach, however, only works with the right backpack on travelers’ backs. The Large Capacity Outdoor Mountaineering Bag has all the necessities for a successful backpacking trip, with numerous pockets and straps to tuck everything away while traveling.
Additionally, the 10.5-gallon capacity is perfect for a multi-day outing, with enough room for both small essentials and larger items like clothing changes and sleeping items. Since this backpack is designed for those enjoying a true backpacking adventure, the material has been designed to be extra breathable for extended wear and additional padding to absorb shock while walking.
One of the joys of planning a vacation is leaving some time for spontaneous exploration. For travelers who like to leave a bit of blank space in the itinerary, a travel backpack that can serve many purposes is a must. With plenty of pockets and an over-sized main compartment, the Picnic Hiking Camping Travelling Portable Ultralight Backpack is up for any kind of activity.
As the name suggests, this lightweight backpack is popular thanks to its versatility, with pockets specifically designed for electronics like tablets and laptops and bottom straps for attaching sleeping bags and mats.
The backpack also features water-repellent material inside and out, so even if the unplanned activities get a little out of hand, this backpack will continue to perform.
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